True Leadership 
As we are celebrating Intellect Fest, a month-long celebration of our people, potential, passion, products, technologies and markets at Intellect, I have found myself wondering what the meaning of True Leadership is, and the following is an excerpt from my diary, on the purpose of True Leadership Mind.
Each part of the body has a purpose, our legs are for mobility, eyes for seeing, ears for hearing, nose for smelling, lungs for breathing, heart for energy distribution, kidney for blood clean up, liver for energy storage etc. But, what is the purpose of the mind? 
It has many functions, but if we need to define the function of the human mind in less than 5 words, then it would be - to solve a problem. Our mind works as a problem solver, that solves problems one after the other with agility, from simple problems like what to eat, to problems that concern larger populations.

I realised that whenever Manju shared her problems with me, my mind was quick to suggest an immediate solution to the problem. Her purpose of sharing the problem was just to make me aware of what her mind was occupied with, but I would constantly perceive it as an opportunity to help her. With genuine care and intentions, this behaviour of giving unsolicited advice quite simply led to undesired conflicts. 
I was watching the series called ‘The Crown’, and I liked one of the Queen’s statements, where she said “Doing nothing is most difficult for an executive”. Our minds are hardwired to provide solutions 24*7, so trying to not come up with a solution when faced with a problem is not always easy. 
In the journey of self-discovery and awareness, the key message is stop thoughts, observe thoughts or spend time in shunya. Are these not similar to saying stop problem solving‘?
In the context of management, true leadership is about enabling teams to solve their problems. The problem that leaders must solve is to spot and choose the right problems for their teams to solve.

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