My Diary - 23 Jan 2021

My understanding of Thoughts


1. Thoughts is starting piece which helps drive towards choosing the direction or dream or goals.

2. The thoughts are continuously coming to all of us at very high speed.

3. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t control the origin of particular thought.

4. The speed of thought varies during the days, week and various situations. Say it varies from 30 KM per hour to 100 KM per hour based on situation.

5. The more the speed of thought, more energy is required thus faster blood flow and more glucose consumption. Continuous fast speed of thought can put a strain on human organs from blood pumping wear and tears to sugar management lines.

6. The Meditation is the process TO WATCH SPEEDOMETER OF SPEED OF THOUGHTS. Once you start watching the speed, the speed starts slowing down.

7. When we walk slow then we can observe lot of things around us while driving in car very few items are observable. Slowness of thought speed thus makes us better listener, observer and thus brings better empathy. These are the prerequisites of good design thinking and better outcome.



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