My Diary – 19th July 2020 Sunday

Today morning started with cloudy day and we were enjoying morning tea with Rusks. The weather turned better and it started raining. We shifted our venue to balcony where we can enjoy the rains alongwith trees and birds. The birds initially started enjoying the rains but later moved inside the trees for safety.

I was amazed to observe the cycle of rains resulting in great crops in the field. I admired the cycle of nature – Sun energy along with water and natural force of plants, produces so much for humanity.

The thoughts further created a question – What is Wealth. and how did it got created?

  1. All wealth is created by nature.

2. Nature creates wealth thru agriculture and Minerals. There is no other way to create primary wealth.

3. Trading of this primary wealth by multiple transactions creates secondary wealth.

4. Secondary wealth surplus gets invested into building Safety and home conveniences.

5. Secondary wealth surplus invested in education, research, innovation and created multiple technologies resulting in various professions and industry. Each profession and industry then start driving Tertiary wealth.

This means all wealth in the world gets created by Farming and mineral extraction from Mother Nature. The irony is that today Farmer is the most poor of this chain while all wealth is residing in the hands of ‘Value adders’.

I need your help in building on this hypothesis and fill in my blind spots.



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